Welcome to our Women's Chamber Ensemble!
Open to a select group of 17-20 sophomores, juniors and seniors.

One of our more challenging groups within the vocal department (formerly a mixed group), Women's Chamber Ensemble is limited to a select group of 17-20 sophomores, juniors and seniors who perform advanced musical selections in many different styles of choral literature, such as classical religious, classical secular, contemporary secular and sacred, jazz, gospel, pop, Broadway and more. Because of the extensive repertoire, Chamber Ensemble emphasizes the importance of self-discipline and team effort in order to cover as much ground as possible. Each student is expected to become aware of class and school expectations and to make every effort to live up to those expectations. This group  performs at special events (such as baccalaureate and graduation),  which has included local Veterans Day celebrations, Flying Squirrels games and more.

Chamber 2018-19
Chamber 2018-19
Chamber 2018-19

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